"Will surely be placing an order again this week! My customers at Lakeville Cards & Gifts are loving your line!!!! Thanks for being a pleasure to work with!" ~ Katie Goodine, Owner of Lakeville Cards & Gifts in MA

"The Dainty Lions line has been the best hair accessory line I have ever had in my shop. It brings in repeat customers who want to add on to what they have!" ~ Margaret "Dilly" Trebilcock, Owner of Dilly's for Kids in NH

"My customers love Dainty Lions hair accessories! They have so much fun mixing and matching to create their own custom look. It is such a fun and unique concept that has been a major hit here at Mono Mono!" ~ Sarah Nobles, Owner of Mono Mono Boutique in MA

"Got my Dainty Lions stuff! I love the "May" button the most, but it's all adorable. Can't wait to get some more." ~ Amy from North Carolina

"My daughter absolutely LOVES her flower necklace, it was so great to meet you - we will definitely be getting more of your amazing products soon." ~ Christie from New Hampshire
"I recently purchased some of your items at Dilly's for Kids, and my daughter is in love with them!! She has received a ton of compliments when wearing them. We will definitely be buying some more!!" ~ Terri from New Hampshire
"Got my sweet Dainty Lions goodies today! Thank you! Can't wait to see the look on my niece's face when she opens them up! So special!" ~ Sarah from Massachusetts
"Madalyn refused to take her Dainty Lions headband off for 72 hrs and counting." ~ Alexis from New Hampshire
"We received our goodies yesterday and my daughter couldn't wait to try them all out! "Try this one! Now this one!" We both love them.  They are adorable and I can't wait to start mixing and matching pieces with outfits. ~ Karly from Illinois


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